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with both sides, this has been a win-win situation. we are cooperating in things like education, technology, and for example, we are connecting every single school in columbia with broadband and fiber optics. this is going to be the first country that will be completely connected in latin america.
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>> interestingly, you don't look
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at the financial system. where would you put your money? home ownership comes up as number one as a means of building wealth. other people talk about more hands-on ownership up to and including gold. the idea that something that is not paper but has a physical asset could be much more important than what they see as a shakier market. interestingly, when we ask americans do you think the u.s. economy is currently in a recession or not, 53% believe that we are still in a recession. four to one percent believe the recession is passed. there are some ideological cuts -- republicanste by a margin of 56 to 40% think we are still in a recession. that pushes against the other finding of who is optimistic.
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households are not above 50,000 a year, yet you have is finding that is somewhat ideological that we are still in a recession. and withnce 58% to 36 democrats 5144 believing that we are out of recession. that, slim margin on though. looking at that by income group, there are not as many surprises there as you would expect, but i would say there is this one ideological peas to where there are not we in a recession. when you are a republican you're much more likely to believe we are still in recession. stillwho believe we are in a recession also much more likely to disapprove of president obama's job performance and are considerably more skeptical about participating in the financial system. if you believe that we are in a 65/28ion, your
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disapprove/approve of the job that he is doing. if you believe we're in a recession, 41%, tracking pretty 53/41f the sample, believe that the system is safe and reliable are too risky. then, if you believe we are not in a recession, you're more likely to approve of the president's job versus the sample as a whole. you're much more likely to believe that the financial system is safe and reliable. thisis important among this the contours of those who .elieve we have recovered the third of the sample are feeling ok, that is behind us now and we are facing the future, versus those who still feel they are grinding through the results of the events of 2008 and 2009. then, looking in terms of how
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americans just assess whether or not they can keep up with the daily responsibilities and plan for the future. we ask questions -- how realistic would be for each of you to meet the following, given your financial circumstances . ho yourg your bills, making medical payments, paying off your mortgage.
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what is interesting about this is if you look at this by college and noncollege household what aree asked people the basic financial tools that you have your disposal?

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